Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tie It Up

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: J. Crew, Tie: Banana Republic (Borrowed from Andy), 
Tights: T.J. Maxx, Shoes: H&M

I've been wanting to wear a tie for a while now. Andy wore this one to church on Sunday and it looked so cute that I decided to finally man up and do it. (pun intended) He even gave me lessons on how to tie it, but I could never get it right. Luckily he was home in the morning to tie it for me. Yes, my husband dresses me like a's fine. I quite liked the little touch it gave to my outfit. It's like a new accessory I didn't even know existed! This could be revolutionary may see me wearing ties all over the place now. 

On a side note, my mother in law's school is in a contest to win a $50,000 grant. All you have to do is text 2307pbf to 95248. It's a good cause for the education of little children people! In the spirit of Christmas, give to the children! Thank you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Attire

There is just something about dressing up for the holidays. I love the festive sparkles that always seem to be in style. This is what I wore on Thanksgiving. Thank heavens the dress is stretchy! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I'm a day late, but Happy Thanksgiving! We spent the day with family and sooo much food. After two dinners I had to be forklifted into my bed. Ha. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I am so thankful for this virtual place to express myself and make new friends. I am so grateful for all of you and for your support! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bows for Babies

Here's a nice bum shot for ya...enjoy!

Blouse: J. Crew, Sweater and Necklace: F21, Pants: Zara, Boots: Tory Burch, Bow: H&M

Whenever I see other people wearing bows in their hair I always think it looks so cute. Then when I try it I can only see my four year old self in the mirror smiling back it me with a toothless grin and I can't help but shudder. I bought this bow last summer and I really haven't worn it much. But I'm slowly facing my four year old self and coming to terms with my youthfulness. I mean we all have to face reality someday right? I've been considered younger than my seventeen year old sister by strangers, people think I'm still a high school student, and when solicitors come to the door they ask for my mom. I've embraced the fact that I look like a 12 year old, I mean they just confused the numbers...switch around 21 and you get 12! At this rate, I'll look great at 50 right? At least that is what I tell myself to maintain some sort of mature dignity. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cozy in the Cold

You know those mornings when it's so cold all you want to day is stay wrapped up in bed? Unfortunately I often have to force myself out of bed and onto the cold tile floor in the bathroom, and let me tell you, it's torture! After that my only desire is to wear thermals. And as cute as thermals are, they aren't necessarily appropriate for every day wear in the public...So I usually put on this kind of outfit to keep me warm and toasty. As you can see, I didn't actually put this outfit on... I stuck to the thermals (I was feeling reckless). You see, that's the beauty of winter. You may have to freeze your little tush off, but at least you can layer it up and wear as many cute accessories as possible. It has become a contest for me, I'm trying to beat a new record. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Comeback

Well hello there! Yes, i'm still living. Surprised? You thought I had just fallen off the face of the virtual world didn't you? Well now i'm here to make my comeback, but it may not be much of one. You see, i'm in the throws of pre-finals... and not just any finals... the last finals of my undergraduate career! Sweet Venus, can I get a hallelujah?! But the problem is I'm suffering from severe "senioritis" especially where my sixteen page research paper is involved. The only thing getting me through it is the thought of the approaching holidays. Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday, but I refuse to skip over Thanksgiving. So I have vowed not to put up the decorations or listen to music until the November 23. But I seem to make up for it by dressing myself like a Christmas tree. It does wonders for the spirit, you should try. 

On a side note, I must give a shout out to my baby sis for playing the part of the sacrificial lamb to take these pictures. It was raining and while I stood under the protection of the porch she stood out in the rain to take these. Thank you my dear, I love you Mace! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Blouse: Zara, Skirt: J. Crew, Tights: Nordstroms, 
Shoes: Steve Madden via Zappos, Necklace: Banana Republic

Guys, my brain is empty. I can't think of anything to say except, I wore this outfit. So there ya go. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm not gonna get all political up in here. No way. So, instead I'm just going to laugh at the realities of life. I don't know what it is about these ecards, but they just tickle my fancy. They could keep me up all night laughing. In fact, last night was the best workout my abs have had in a while...that's how hard I laughed. I think they are so great because they are just spot on in pointing out the truth. These were just a few I loved.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bang Bandwagon

Shirt, Cardigan: J. Crew Factory, Pants, Shoes, Necklace: J. Crew 
(I'll admit it, I have a slight obsession)

I did it. I jumped on the clip-in bang bandwagon. I wanted to do something different with my hair so badly, but I didn't want to deal with the commitment. Shallow, I know. So I read about these clip-in bangs here and here. I decided to just go with it and I bought them here. They were a bit long so I had to trim them, and it took me a second to figure out exactly where to place them. But for $13 clip-in bangs I think they're pretty cool. I probably wouldn't wear them everyday but who knows...I'm just warming up to them. Maybe I'll be a wig wearin'- bang lovin' fool for life. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Date Night

Sweater: Dillards (Borrowed from Andy), Blouse: J. Crew,
 Leggings: Kyodan via T.J. Maxx, Boots: Michael Kors, Necklace: J. Crew

One of our biggest struggles in marriage is finding time to spend alone. We are both so busy with school and work that it just doesn't happen. The times when we are together usually consist of homework and more homework or's not exactly fun. And our free weekends are mostly spent with friends or family. We LOVE our friends and family so much and we love hanging out with them, but we often forget about exclusive date nights.
 So, Andy surprised me this weekend with a hot date. We branched out and tried a new Indian restaurant, and loved it! Then we went and saw the move Pitch Perfect. It was great. It was so nice to spend quality time together. And this is what I wore... to our hot date night. And it really did get way hot. But not that in that way... well maybe, but I'm not going to talk about that here. Sicko. I meant that I wore this cashmere sweater of Andy's (Yeah, he has cashmere. Who knew? And of course, I borrow it. Ha) and I got way hot. I've never worn cashmere so I never knew just how toasty it is. You can bet I won't be wearing that thing again until it snows!

Check here to see if you won the Florence Adams giveaway! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

I always feel like life as a child was so much more magical than it is now. Halloween was like this mystical candy filled night with ghost, ghouls, and witches! As I've gotten older it has gotten slightly less exciting. Boo. Fortunately for us, we have great friends who made this October so "magical." Ha. Check out some of these fantastic costumes. 

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Grandma/Wolf. 

Waldo and Walda

Uncle Greg as Voldemort... he has really outdone himself. I just had to share this. 

Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan 

Disco Divas

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf part 2

Bumble Bee and Bee Catcher

 I hope you had a happy and safe Halloween! Oh and I hope it was magical too!