Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tie It Up

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: J. Crew, Tie: Banana Republic (Borrowed from Andy), 
Tights: T.J. Maxx, Shoes: H&M

I've been wanting to wear a tie for a while now. Andy wore this one to church on Sunday and it looked so cute that I decided to finally man up and do it. (pun intended) He even gave me lessons on how to tie it, but I could never get it right. Luckily he was home in the morning to tie it for me. Yes, my husband dresses me like a's fine. I quite liked the little touch it gave to my outfit. It's like a new accessory I didn't even know existed! This could be revolutionary may see me wearing ties all over the place now. 

On a side note, my mother in law's school is in a contest to win a $50,000 grant. All you have to do is text 2307pbf to 95248. It's a good cause for the education of little children people! In the spirit of Christmas, give to the children! Thank you!


  1. Love this look and I love ties as accessories. Next, try a bow tie. It's so chic!


  2. Amazing! I love when people think outside the box for their accessories.


  3. i love this! i've been wanting to try a tie for a while too!!

    thanks for the inspiration :) You look great!!

  4. You pull it off so well I might just have to give the tie look a go!

  5. wow such a great idea with the tie!!love it
    kisses from Milano

  6. dude, I don't know if I could pull off a tie. It looks great on you though, makes me t

  7. I think the tie is totally adorable on you! You girly-ied it up and it looks fab on you. Nicely done!