Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cozy in the Cold

You know those mornings when it's so cold all you want to day is stay wrapped up in bed? Unfortunately I often have to force myself out of bed and onto the cold tile floor in the bathroom, and let me tell you, it's torture! After that my only desire is to wear thermals. And as cute as thermals are, they aren't necessarily appropriate for every day wear in the public...So I usually put on this kind of outfit to keep me warm and toasty. As you can see, I didn't actually put this outfit on... I stuck to the thermals (I was feeling reckless). You see, that's the beauty of winter. You may have to freeze your little tush off, but at least you can layer it up and wear as many cute accessories as possible. It has become a contest for me, I'm trying to beat a new record. 


  1. those socks look so comfy!


  2. Love all of these!