Thursday, January 5, 2012

Introducing: My Sister's Closet


 Meet Mike (on the left) and Macie (on the right). These are my kind, beautiful, wonderful, talented, amazing sisters. Wow that was a lot of adjectives. I really love them a lot! Can you tell? They are my best friends, my giggle buddies, my confidants, my fashion counselors, and so much more.  We love to shop together and to help each other get dressed. And no, I didn’t mean that literally…except for in these pictures above. Macie separated her shoulder and sprained her neck and most definitely needed help getting dressed, but that’s a story for another day. Anyways, they have shaped my fashion sense in so many ways and are pretty much the inspiration for this blog. It all began when we started sending each other pictures of our outfits. Should I wear these glasses? Boots or oxfords? Which necklace? What do you think of this dress? These are common questions we ask one another.  When I’m mixing new pieces or wearing something a bit “out there” I always have to have their approval. They also know what to add to complete an outfit.  Mike knows how to make an outfit classy and sophisticated. She lives in NYC and has access to the best and most recent fashion. She also gets some amazing steals! Macie adds a sassy flair that will make an outfit sure to stand out in a crowd. Her closet is still funded by Papa Gigio (our dad) so she has a lot to offer. Much of what you will see me wearing comes directly from their closets or their advice played a large role.  

 Future Thursdays will feature a post from one of them so you can get a taste of their style, looks, and fabulous personalities.  Check back next Thursday to meet one of these lovely ladies!

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  1. meg! loving your blog already. i feel like your style & my style are very much in line... so i'm looking forward to using your blog as inspiration. aaaand i can't wait to 'meet' your sisters next week. hehe. love the gee's! xx