Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Sister's Closet: Meet Macie

Shirt, Skirt: J. Crew Factory, Belt: Unknown, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Seychelles via Nordstrom, Necklace: F21

Hellooo ladies. Macie here. I am the amazing little sister of Megan and Mike. Don't be alarmed when you look at the pictures below... it's not on optical illusion involving Megan. It really is me. Megan told me I was to introduce myself and give a few fun facts so, here it goes!

       My two favorite things are ice cream and clothes. My dad is at fault for the cream and my mom for the clothes.

       I dance 24\7. I should just live in a loetard and tights because it would be so much more convienent.

      Everyone in my family tries to tell me that I am a spit-fire. But they have it all wrong. This is how it really is:
              Garry: Studly man
              Cindy: Amazing little diva.
              Andrew: Handsome and "all knowing"
              Mike: Lovely Perfectionist
              Megan: Tender-hearted sweetheart
              Macie: I am perfect. Hahahhahah just kidding. But really...

Along with these fun facts I was told to tell the inspiration for my attire. And to be dead honest, this is what my hands grabbed as I groggly got ready for church in ten minutes. Man oh man I am lucky it turned out like this. You should try it sometime and see what you get. But watch out, it doesnt always turn out pretty.


  1. LOVE IT Macie! You look good for church!! Love ya!!!

  2. Jealous! I want to play in the snow! Super cute outfit too!

  3. love the shot of the shoes!!! and the snow!