Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Sister's Closet: Meet Mike

Hi there. I'm Mike, Megan's older sister. Since this is my first time posting on Classy Confessions, I figure I better give you some background. Because if you're like me, you like to know who's doing the talking (er, writing). So, here I am in five fun facts: 
  1. My name is Michael—and yes, I am a girl. I know, it's confusing. (Who knew clarifying your gender could be a fun fact?!)
  2. I love chocolate! I can't go a day without eating some sort of chocolaty treat. If you met Papa Gigio (my dad), you'd totally understand where this obsession comes from. 
  3. I'm an editor at Dance Spirit. For those of you who don't know the magazine (gasp!), it's a teen dance publication (think Seventeen for dancers). And it's awesome. And I'm not biased at all. 
  4. I moved to NYC almost three years ago after marrying my dashingly handsome husband. His name's Chris. You'd like him. He's very smart (oh those finance brains) and a total goof ball. 
  5. I like clothes—a lot. I blame my mom. When you grow up making daily trips to TJ Maxx and eating lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe, I guess it's inevitable. 
Alrighty, now that we're besties (I recently learned from a focus group of teen girls that "BFFs" is out and "besties" is in. Who knew?), here's a peek inside my closet. Well, not my actual closet, which consists of some plastic cubby holes and a portable clothes rack (you've got to love NYC apartments), but one of my new favorite pieces. 

This dress, from the 2011 Mad Men Collection at Banana Republic, is one of my new favorites. If you've never seen an episode of "Mad Men," you've got to check it out, if just for the wardrobe styling. The '60s era dresses, skirts, blouses, pearls—I can't get enough. So, when I found this dress—the only one, tucked away on a sale rack, in just my size—I had to have it. Technically it's a summer dress. But I winterized it in no time.

Dress: Banana Republic; Turtleneck: Nordstrom; Tights: Betsy Johnson via TJ Maxx; Shoes: Michael Kors; Belt: Forever 21
How do you wear a summery dress in freezing temps? Add forest green tights, red closed-toe pumps, a turtleneck and you're ready to go! Now you tell me. Do you ever wear your summer dresses in the winter? How do you alter them to keep from freezing your fanny off? Share your tips!


  1. mike... we were already besties before this post but you look beautiful! and meg... so good to see you the other day! xx

  2. totally just inspired my date night outfit for tomorrow. I was rackng my brain on how to wear a cute dress without freezing my booty, and while still looking office appropriate during the day. THANK YOU! Yay for new besties :)