Thursday, March 1, 2012

Affordable Flats

Forever 21

Banana Republic Factory

T.J. Maxx


T.J. Maxx

I like the way heels make my legs look long and my bum a bit smaller, but let's be honest, they are so uncomfortable sometimes. So, sometimes I like to wear flats instead because they're usually much more comfortable, and I can actually walk across campus in them. And they make some really cute flats these days. As much as I wish I had discovered a money tree, I have yet to stumble upon such luck. So, bargains are my besties. All of these lovelies above were under the $50 price mark which makes them that much cuter in my eyes. 


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    1. Blogger wouldn't let me leave a is acting "funky" today for sure:(
      Popping by from What She Wore 365- how adorable is your blog!!!!
      Def following along now...
      Love those enzo flats...I live at the if I am not in heels I tend to be in TOMS flats..and I am SO excited they came out with ballet flats last month..waiting for a boutique here at the shore to get them in before I buy my pair:)

  2. Love the H & M flats!! You have the best H&M luck. I'm never that lucky. Next time can I come with you? Maybe I will finally find something I like.

  3. Love the flats! I miss Anchor Blue here in Utah...they had the cutest flats and they were always so cheap. Another great store for flats is Charlotte Russe. Flats are all I wear! Love the blog! (I stole a button- hope you don't mind!)

  4. Do you wear insoles ever? I am quite obsessed with flats myself, especially ballet flats, but sometimes I find that my arches start to hurt! My sister who waitresses told me that she slips a pair of comfy insoles so her cute flats are even more comfortable. I should give it a shot I suppose!

    I love all these colorful flats, btw (and your blog in general!)

    Mindy at Nautical Stripes

  5. I love the pink and orange pair... perfect for spring!!!

  6. Geez, I love every pair! I like the Forever 21 and the Banana Republic pairs the best, I think. I found your blog from Pink Peonies, it's lovely! xoxo

  7. Hello! New follower here :) I'm loving your blog so far and I have to say that your husband's part on "About" is just adorable. Can't wait to read more!
    Have a great Friday.

  8. love your flats!

  9. these are all beautiful and I love the price tags :) I'm a huge flats lover, so I've got to get my hands on those Liz Claiborne flats!

  10. Love flats! Your collection is so cute! I need to go shopping for some: )
    Check out my blog! Hope you follow back :)