Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Sister's Closet: Meet Bizzy

Shirt: H&M, Blazer, Gloves, Scarf: F21, Boots: Sperry, Jeans: American Eagle

Hello there! I'm Bizzy! My real name is Elisabeth but I go by Bizzy. I'm Andy's little sister, so Megan's sister-in-law, but we're practically blood related. Here are some fun facts about me:
1. I hate chocolate. Yes, you heard right. I'm a girl and I hate chocolate, well brown chocolate. I LOOOVE white chocolate. 
2. I'm a sophomore at Alta High School
3. I play soccer! It's basically my life. I recently committed to BYU and am so excited to play for them!

Thank goodness for Megan. She has helped me with my style over the last few years. I love Megan so much and would do anything for her! I hope to post again soon. It was nice meeting (through cyberspace?) you! 


  1. GASP! Can I have this entire outfit?! Especially the shoes?

  2. How cute!!What a beautiful girl! :-)