Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Sister's Closet: Dressing Your Husband

 Hi! Mike here. Today, I want to talk a bit about dressing your husband/boyfriend/fiancé/significant other. So without further ado, everybody meet my husband Chris.

 Check out that knit oatmeal-colored sweater. He thought it was stylin'. 

 Another knit sweater you ask? Oh yes. This time in not-really-chocolate brown. 

Now, meet Chris's favorite jacket—the columbia ski liner. With, of course, a white knit sweater underneath. 

All of the above photos were taken during our courtship (2007-2008). As you can imagine, one of my first items of business after we were married was to slowly (but surely) turn over his wardrobe. Then, one day about a month or so ago, he came out wearing this. 

He said, "Is the denim on denim too much?"

I almost died of happiness. 

Button up: J. Crew; Jacket: Gap; Jeans: Sevens For All Mankind; Shoes: Joe Fresh

My friends, this can happen for you, too. Just follow these simple tips.

1. Drop subtle hints that you think he could use some new clothes. He deserves it, after all. 
2. Do some "spring cleaning." You better believe that all of those round-neck knit sweaters now live at Goodwill. 
3. DO NOT change over his wardrobe all at once. It will freak him out. And he'll resent it. 
4. Tell him how handsome he looks when he's wearing items you like. 
5. Use occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, anniversaries—heck, even Easter!—to pick up some new items for him. 

Will I ever get my husband to regularly wear bow ties? Probably not. But we have gotten to a point where we both like what he's wearing—and it makes for one very happy couple. In the end, we all know it's what's on the inside that really matters. But hey, a hunky man definitely doesn't hurt.


  1. So I saw this post and was like, hey! I know them! Somehow, I never put it together before, but I, of course, immediately recognized Chris in these pictures. :)

    Also, what is it with knit oatmeal-colored sweaters? Dan had probably 3-4, all of which have made their way to the Goodwill since our nuptials.

    lace, etc.

  2. I'm thinking you'll want to add a tab on the header "Just for men" and add photos of the stylin' husbands as well! What a fun twist and great advice!

  3. cute post and cute couple! Its important to make sure your man looks as nice as you do! I occasionally buy things for my man that I know he will look good in, but something he would never buy for himself. Makes me feel good and its nice to look at a quality, well fitted clothing item on him!


  4. I have done the exact same thing to my husband. He was an American Eagle jeans and DC tee shirt/plain tee shirt kind of a guy. As we were dating it slowly started to change and when we got married the guy had some classy good looking outfits. He no longer has any DC, pac sun style tee shirts and has replaced them for his occasional Banana republic or j crew basic tee or v neck. Thank goodness. And he loves it now and doesn't mind a fun trip to go shopping in Vegas, NYC, or wherever!