Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Great Provo Treasure Hunt

Imagine yourself an explorer in search of a hidden treasure. You've looked long and hard, crossed many distant lands looking for the treasure that could change your life. Each clue takes thought and effort to discover its meaning. As you come closer and closer to where you think the treasure could be, your heart bets faster and faster as your mind explores all the possibilities of what your life could be. What would you do with the treasure? Well, this could be you! The adventure begins on September 28th! Somewhere in Provo-Orem $5,000 dollars will be hidden along with clues to help someone find the grand prize!
In addition to the grand prize of $5,000, there will be mini-hunts for smaller "Treasures", including cases of Coca-Cola, sets of Pass of all Passes to 7 Peaks and gift certificates to local businesses.
This is a fun and FREE event.  It is great for groups, couples, and families. It's and adventure filled with the excitement of wondering every time you look if you are going to find the $5,000.

Join the hunt! For more information check here!

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  1. This sounds crazy fun! Wish I could participate