Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Coat: Anthropologie, Sweater, Pants: J. Crew, Shoes: Mia via DSW

I found this coat on sale at Anthropologie a couple weeks ago and I just couldn't resist. The colors are amazing! After I bought it I couldn't stop wearing it around the house. I'm sort of obsessed. I would walk past catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and stop and give myself guns with a "Hey, how you doing?"Andy kept asking me if I was going to sleep in it too. I may or may not have thought about it....

My older sister was in town this weekend so we played makeover just like the old days. She did this lovely little Heidi braid on me. I loved it so much. Unfortunately, I can't do it on myself so It won't be happening again anytime soon. I guess I'll just have to stick with the five second bun on the top of my head. Dang. 

Anthro is having a great sale right now. I'm also in love with these little ladies. 


  1. What a fun coat! Love all the colors!


  2. Adorable! Love your shoes and coat(: Btw I have those pants!
    xoxo, Gena
    Pearls, Curls, and Uptown Girls

  3. Such a cute coat!


  4. There is snow all around! I love the jacket, so colorful.
    Almost Endearing

  5. I think this is my favorite outfit you have ever posted!!! ... I finally gave in and ordered those boots! You better get them before they are gone!

  6. So cute!! You can do the heidi braids! It's not hard. :)

  7. That coat is so great! I couldn't help but smile if I passed you on the street :) Winter coats in black and grey and brown get so dreary so fast.
    Time Stand Still

  8. That coat is amazing! So fun! And the mountains in the backdrop are stunning...what a beautiful place to live.

    - k


  9. ahh that coat! i saw it at anthro and am totally jealous! you work it girl :)

  10. those shoes are just what I have been looking for! I like the location of where you took your pictures. Lovely colors too!

  11. LOVE your hair like that! So pretty!
    Whitney @ www.wittywhitney.com