Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Maybe I eat cookies… or five in a row sometimes.

Maybe I go a long time without shaving my legs.

Maybe I leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Maybe I got a BAD grade on my French final.

Maybe I’m really self-conscious about my flawed skin.

Maybe I love my family so much and never want to be without them.

Maybe I love dancing in the rain.

Maybe I sing in the car, and am really bad.

Maybe I’m not always as nice as I should be.

Maybe I just roll out of bed and not get dressed some days.

Maybe I can’t do it all, sometimes I fall, and Andy has to carry me, literally, up the stairs.

Maybe I just want to curl up with a book.

Maybe I’m not completely happy with my body.

Maybe marriage is the best but hardest thing that has ever happened to me.

Maybe dancing is like therapy for me.

Maybe I sometimes wish I was ten years old again.

Maybe I cry at nights because I’m not perfect.

I think that most of you can relate, but often I treat myself unrealistically. The world has this ideal of women that they should be perfect in every aspect of their lives. I often expect perfection from myself. But maybe I have insecurities, hopes, dreams, fears, and everything else. Maybe I want to be perfect, but am just not. But Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are. The most important thing is that my Heavenly Father loves me, knows me, he has a plan for me, and he is aware that I’m doing my best. Maybe in this crazy, hard world, that’s all he expects.


  1. love it megs!!!! YOUR AMAZING!

  2. This was perfect! Thanks meg :)

  3. You just saved my life life today. Thank you. <3

  4. BEST POST YET!!! Thank you for the reminder of what's truly important!!

  5. loved this. love you. ps what flawed skin? you silly girl.