Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Sister's Closet: Connect the (Polka) Dots

Apparently I've become obsessed with polka dots . Have you ever started buying everything (blouses, skirts, tights, pants) in one color or pattern, and not even realized it? I guess my subconscious really likes polka dots. Or maybe I really do want to be Minnie. Either way, I'm okay with it.
Blouse: H&M; Skirt: Banana Republic; Tights: TJ Maxx; Pumps: Franco Sarto via Marshall's; Belt: H&M

I spotted this lovely navy and white skirt at Banana Republic about month ago and immediately fell in love. [Side note: There's a dress version, too, and it's absolutely to die for. It's knee-length and it has sleeves—a rare find. I would have snatched it right up, but my super-cute co-worker got to it before I did, and as much as I'd love to be "twinsies," I think I'll pass.] I'm a big fan of pencil skirts. They're classy and they cover your bum, but they've still got a bit of sass. I'm not sure this polka-dotted pencil skirt has as much sass as my fitted black skirt, but you get the point. 

Now, back to the polka dots. How do you feel about them? I love that they're feminine and flirty, yet still a bit funky when paired with the right thing. So, what'll it be? Will you be sporting one of this spring's hottest trends? Or will you be leaving the dots to Minnie and me?

[Side note #2: Yes, as you've probably figured out, I have no shame asking my co-workers to take photos of me at the end of the day. As former dancers, they get a kick out of watching me try to "fashion blogger pose" not "dancer pose" for these photos. And yes, there are ballerina photos pinned up in our cube. Aren't they lovely?]


  1. LOVE that skirt!

  2. Love it Mike! you do look sassy. And Fashion blogger pose = hand on hip, look down.

  3. Mike! You are so stunningly beautiful!!! Love you.

  4. You look so cute! I love polka dots too! Apparently I subconciously always choose things in purple. I thought my favorite color was green but my family & friends informed me otherwise! haha

  5. I LOVE your outfit you always dress SO cute!!! Obsessed with the skirt. Megan you always have such fun posts. I read it everyday!

  6. my desk has never looked better! :)