Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ruffles and Polka Dots

Blouse, Sweater: J. Crew Factory, Skirt, Tights: T.J. Maxx, 
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom Rack, Necklace: J. Crew, Glasses: Lookmatic

Polka Dots are really in right now, or so it seems. Maybe my sisters and I are just obsessed with them, maybe we always have been. And ruffles, are just ruffles. Cute, feminine, and fun. Sometimes I say to myself, "You can't wear polka dots or ruffles, you wore them yesterday." But they always seem to creep into my outfits someway or the other. But honestly, I'm not too upset about it. Oh, and it snowed – a lot. Hence, the driveway pictures. It was a "hurry lets take these pictures before I freeze my bum off" kind of moment. Thank heavens for a supportive and encouraging husband. Without him, these pictures wouldn't exist. 

Oh and Yes, my glasses are crooked...So what if I have a crooked nose?


  1. Ruffles and polka dots...two of my favorite things! Love this outfit!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  2. SO SO cute!!!! LOVE this outfit!

  3. I love your skirt! I just found your blog while blog hopping. So glad I did. Too cute! I am having a Blog Hop on my Blog Blissful and Domestic and would love for you to link up.


  4. Oh my gosh. How GORGEOUS are you? So happy I found your blog today!

  5. oh oh oh! I love this color combination! The gold/ yellow sweater pops beautifully! I love your entire blog. Following you now :)