Monday, February 13, 2012

A Winner and a Sister

We have a winner winner chicken dinner! Congratulations to Abby,
she won free software from My Memories!

Abby, email me for the details on your new software!

And if you didn't win, make sure to check out My Memories. Their software is affordable, cute, and so much fun!

Dress: Tony Bowls via Ypsilon, Shoes: Guess via DSW, Jewelry: Nordstrom Rack

I know I always post about my sisters, but hey I love them a lot. This is my baby sister. My BABY sister! What happened to baby?! I'll tell you what happened, she blossomed into a lovely, beautifully breathtaking young woman right before my eyes! We have to fight the boys off with BB guns. Andy and I stake out in the bushes in the front yard, dressed in camo, just waiting for them to come....and they do. 
This is what she wore to the sweethearts dance this weekend. When she walked out of the dressing room in this dress we knew it was the one. It was so unique and beautiful, and perfect. Or maybe she is just perfect and makes every dress look good...I love you macer facer!


  1. She's gorgeous. LOVE the dress. Love you both too.

  2. Youa re a true STAR:-) your style.following you now and thank you for inspiring us:-)